Cantonese is probably the most widely spoken language that lacks children’s books.

This is a description about a project that I co-founded, which aims to preserve and promote Cantonese by creating storybooks. Click this link to view if you are blocked.

Cantonese used to be the most widely spoken vernacular in many Chinatowns around the world, and the language is said to be on the decline. Mandarin (also known as Putonghua), the lingua franca of both the Mainland China and Taiwan, has become the lingua franca among ethnic Chinese around the world, and it is to no one’s surprise that it will be embraced by the overseas community as the one way…

用 RegexReplace,ArrayFormula,TextJoin,一條公式搞掂客家話拼音數字轉調號

厓今下學客家話,愛整理下客家話嘅字音分自家用。今日做嗨一隻 Google Sheets 去將數字換做調號(diacritics),所以寫隻文章,講下吾嘅解決方法。



【拼音1】「ngai2 on1 zo4 A1 Cak6, cu4 coi1 Ziong1 Giun1 Au4」

拼音用數字應該要啲時間適應,為咗方便起見,如果啲聲調可以用調號呈現,學起上嚟就方便得多嘞。呢款拼音只係用咗四款調號:第一調(低升)係 Acute accent(「á」U+0 …

Note: This letter is co-authored by friends of mine who would not like to be named, and I'm posting this on Medium for a wider reach. Hopefully someone from Apple will see this and take further action.

On WWDC 2021, Apple released a set of new features for iOS 15. Among which a new feature aroused people’s concern:

What is this supposed to mean? Even native Cantonese speakers are confused. Pinyin is a romanization system designed for Mandarin. Why type Cantonese and Shanghainese in Mandarin Pinyin? And what does it mean by “dialectal spellings”? For people who don’t know the…

Error 成員 193,網上圖片


呢排網上媒體大逃亡,其實我都想搬走好耐,但係一路都未揾到好地方。 Medium 都唔錯嘅,不過我都順手開埋 Patreon。有興趣就入嚟睇啦。

阿擇 (Chaaak)

《粵典》創辦人,而家全力推廣粵文書寫。Founder of and advocate of Written Cantonese

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